Friday, January 22, 2010

1/2 plane rides done!

So I'm sitting in the Hong Kong airport waiting for my transfer to Bangkok in about an hour. I met up with Ilse and Esther at JFK and we found Cyril and Gianna, two juniors from UMichigan at the HK airport, all of whom are awesome and I already get along well with. I can't believe this is happening! I was so anxious last night (? about what night it was- the night before I left) that I managed to roll myself out of my bed at 5 am. I'm pretty sure I was having a dream about Jodie Foster (I don't think I could even pick her out in a picture, but for some reason, I was sure that that was who was in my dream that got so blatantly interrupted by my wooden floor and the corners of my night table into my side and head.) So I survived a 16 hour plane ride since then where I attempted to force myself to sleep during the Thai nighttime to no avail. I watched Inglorious Bastards, finally, and all the Friends and 30 Rock episodes they had available and did a few Sudoku puzzles. Although I'm still freaking out about the size of my luggage, I'm getting really psyched to get to Thailand and start my program. My schedule looks so amazing from spending time in Bangkok, to retreating at a national park in the Laoi Province, to getting settled in at Khon Kaen University, to going on our first homestay.

Having checked for our passports and boarding passes a thousand times, Ilse, Esther, and I are all ready to go at JFK.

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