Sunday, January 24, 2010


So from where I left off last night... Ilse and I wandered the streets last night, taking in the crazy street Khoa San, eating mangos over sticky rice. And today, what a day. We were on our feet a lot, walking around to different sight seeing spots in the city. We saw the national museum and the Royal Palace, both of which were so beautiful. Such intricate architecture and beautiful statues. At the museum, we learned all about Thai history; it was very interesting to learn about a country that escaped colonization because the king at the time decided to westernize and centralize their government for themselves, as opposed to completely giving control to the British or French. In between visits, we were let off to wander around a market, where three friends and I gathered tons of random street vendor food and made ourselves an amazing lunch of pineapple, dried kiwi, fried corn dough things, fried chicken, and little crepes (the filling we're still not sure). It made my day when 10 of us decided to go on a boat ride down the river. After thinking the woman scammed us out of 200 baht (about $6) each, we finally got taken on a tiny boat to see river-side mosques, houses built literally on the river, a floating market, and even a floating ambulance that offers 24-hour emergency eye surgery. Tomorrow, we're driving to the mountains (!!!!!!!) where we were supposed to go on a hike, but the princess has the area reserved for the week, so we're not allowed up there...  We won't have internet or anything for seven days so enjoy this for a while, and check out the pictures on facebook. I'll upload some onto here, but my half-hour internet allotment is slowing ticking away. Talk to you in Khon Kaen then.

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