Monday, February 1, 2010

My first Thai disaster

Just attempted to do my laundry. Failed. The clothes went in and we left. The washer machine broke when it still had 49 minutes left to go. Unknowingly, the laundry room closes at 5, so we got called to pick up our things, and discovered them still soaking in filthy water with 49 minutes left to go. Getting kicked out, we hung up all of our filthy soaking wet clothes outside the laundry room hoping that they will be dry by the time we have to leave for five days by 8 am tomorrow morning. Going to hand scrub my underwear and hang them inappropriately on my balcony.  I knew there was a reason I only did laundry over school vacations last semester. Also failed miserably to speak to the woman at the pharmacy. Did drink a wonderful oreo milkshake. Day of mundane adventures continues. Loving it.

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