Monday, February 8, 2010

Two quick things...

1) I am gaining a newfound admiration for people who actually think before they speak. It seems like they take a while to say something because they pause and make sure that what they are going to say is exactly what they want to come out of their mouth. However, I probably take the same amount of time trying to say something because I ramble about nonsense before I actually get to my point. Ajaan Deecha, a mentor of the program, led us through a meditation exercise yesterday and I'm blown out of the water every time he speaks.

2) I had my first Thai theater experience. Wow. The Foreign Language Performing Arts Society did oh some short, small no big deal show, that a few of you may know as Wicked.... Never ever does anyone have an excuse for not knowing their lines. Could you imagine doing a 3 hour musical in a foreign language? So impressed. Granted, the students weren't actors or singers so the theatrical quality was a bit slow and lacking, but I was so happy I went and I'm pretty glad I knew the show before hand as it was sometimes a tad difficult to follow and they didn't exactly portray the correct ending to the show. Overall though, I was really impressed with Elphaba, Galinda, and especially the Wizard, whose rendition of "Wonderful" was pretty top notch. I wish I had parts of it on video so I could show you all a clip or two.

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