Friday, May 21, 2010

The semester in review

So the semester has ended. I'm home trying to unpack and organize, catch up with friends and family, figure out the last details of summer plans, and eat as much cheese and bread as possible. Turmoil in Thailand continues so I am worried about those who are still there, and trying to continue to process with those who are back in the states. The following are just some memories of the semester, anything random that I thought of, so ask me if they seem like an interesting story or add to them if there's something I'm missing:

-       Baw Kaew parade
-       Milk and Boy
-       Lectures
-       Songkrahn – all of it
o      Waking Jenna and Maggie up at 6:30 to go to the landfill
o      Hot monks that speak English
o      Losing my pants
o      Random pick- up trucks
o      Trying to songkrahn jenna in the bathroom of that coffee shop
o      Orange shirts- creeper, spying on Gianna, getting a ride home, and the other guys whose sunglases we stole
o      Cha Bar
-       Outdoors trip with my Na Nong Bong fam
-       Going to the night market a little intoxicated with Gianna that one time
-       Seeing Julia and Munny
-       Red shirts / crazy cab ride to Mahachai with Leslie
-       Maple syrup and pancakes and smores
-       P’fac house party and actually having a college Sunday the next day
-       Swimming in Tamui, going to Laos, evil sister
-       Thai wedding (meh out of control): ABLA
-       Alice and Wonderland and karaoke with the Thai roommates
-       Sunset Bar, Bong Bar
-       Bijal throwing water on Ann
-       Unit fac’ing with Bijal , Maggie, Barrie, and April
-       P’Thoy’s house
-       Buddha mountain
-       “in the mouth”
-       climbing that mountain in Loei
-       the bus ride from BKK to Loei, getting pulled over, making 6 U-Turns, hitting the wires, eating liver
-       getting locked out of the hotel in BKK because Cait was sleeping
-       School Homestay- getting sent to bed at 7 pm, genius girl, terrible breakfasts, not knowing any Thai, going to that park with Charlotte, spilling food my first night there, really amazing fish dinner
-       Loving “Everything” by Michael Buble with Gianna
-       Beer tears and processing with Becky and Gianna
-       Drunk van on the way home from copper mine
-       Eating alone at the slum: P’Maggie and P’La = BFFs
-       Absofuckinglutely single
-       Hotel in Surin
-       Cows crossing the streets always
-       Epic times at that really good restaurant downtown
-       Getting a Tuktuk ride from our Paw in Roi Et, and him calling us dumb farangs or something, going swimming with the buffalos
-       Fruit man exchange
-       Sombaidee bo?
-       Threat of evacuation and evacuation
-       Team Learning Center
o      Monkey wat
o      Aj. Poi getting drunk
o      Tukee song
-       Climate Action Plan Team: study abroad has never seen this much green
o      Taking a nap in order to conduct our experiment
-       day of three exchanges = hell
-       green market
-       Yasothon paw’s crazy sister and creepy brothers
-       Suan Siam, Rad Bar, Funky Villa, Boss Bar
-       Crying for the first time after I quit Lakewood
-       Dropping that 100 baht into the river
-       Aj. Pote- “Get in the van, babe.” “What up, fuckers?”  
-       WICKED
-     Sleeping over in the hospital with Gianna
-    scavenging
-    the cockroaches, deer, crocodiles, and monkeys at Khao Yai
-    Josh's birthday part at Rasi Salai, getting to be BFFs with Aj. Poii 
-    roosters
-    crazy Thai music videos and TV show about the grandma ghost
-    yai's in general
So that's the end of that I guess. Hope you all had a great four months. Thanks to everyone at CIEE, my 30 new friends, and everyone at home for keeping in touch. Until the next adventure. Larissa  

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